Day 329. Catbells.

Felt bloody rough this morning and my quads felt like they’d got knifes stuck in em. Got ready though, to go out in the dark and cold ☹️. Decided to have a lay down on the sofa first, could of gone straight back to sleep, got very cosy. Some how got motivated and quietly left the house (everyone else is still in bed). Head over to Fitz park, bloody fresh this morning.

There’s a woman walking her dog and another one jogging, otherwise no-one. Legs feel like led, heavy and very tender. Back through town and over the hump at crow park.

Had a stand off with the sheep ha ha, funny bugger’s. Around the Lakes edge and back to the cottage.

Goody was up when I got back. He made me a tea and I did us some fruit salad. Everyone else started getting up , they had breakfast and we all got ready. Webbo and Sam came over to do the walk with us today. We started just after 9am with a nice steady chatty walk to Catbells. Then up we go. Beautiful weather, great company and a lovely as always walk.

Then a just as nice walk off to the Swineside Inn, for food and beer.

Off to Braithwaite from here, more beer and pub talk 🍺

Day 329 done 36 to go.

3.1 miles.

2016 miles total.

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