Day 328. Sharp edge and Halls fell.

Slept well last after the thousand beers we drank last night 🍺. Woke up around 6:30am and laid there for a bit, just enjoying the rest. Then got ready to go. Big Steve was awake but not up and Phil was up cooking his breakfast. My watch was flat and yesterday’s run hasn’t loaded up yet, which is doing my head in. It might need updating. Just did a little loop through town and by the lake this morning. Was lovely but felt hard, as my legs are sore from yesterday. Here’s some pics.

Got back and showered, then after breakfast (fruit) we drive to Scales carpark. Today we’re walking up Blencathra via Sharp edge, all of us managed it except Ady and Lee. I think we all found hard and a bit arse twitching at times. Very very slippery and a bit dodgy.

Great fun though and an amazing feeling after doing it. I’ve done it before and so have some the others. Last time for it was covered in snow, was definitely harder this time. Strangely I enjoyed it more this time though 🤔 Was very cold up the top and we met up with Ady and Lee, this was on the way to the Blencathra trig point. Visibility isn’t the best up there today.

The group split slightly now. Phil, Winnie and Andy didn’t fancy coming down Halls fell. They headed off to the west, with the plan to get picked up from the pub in Threkeld, on our way back. 10 mins into the scramble down, Lee decided he’d had enough. So him and Ady went back up and headed off another way. Just me, Goody, Steve T and Big Steve left. What a beautiful decent. Stunning views – when the clouds gave us them – and some fun scrambling. Was a bit harsh on the quads though and my left knee is a bit painful. I noticed it this morning, on the run but ignored it. Rick’s knee was giving him gip too. I didn’t get any pics on the way down for some reason, I’m not sure why as we stopped enough to take it all in. We were glad to get to level ground though and I can feel it in my legs, probably not helped that I’d done this yesterday too. Was the nice undulating trail back to pub now. Everyone was knackered and ready for a beer. Lee and Ady was in there waiting with big smiles. Lee was finishing off his roast and Ady had a beer. Didn’t take us long to catch them up 🍺

Now that’s what you call a Sunday roast ummmmmm. Lee picked the others up on the way past. Time for a bath and chill for a bit, then back out for more beer 😎.

Day 328 done 37 to go.

3.1 miles.

2012.9 miles total.

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