Day 330. Homeward bound.

Always a day of mixed emotions and this time is no exception. We all agree on how quick the weekend has gone. Feels like we lost a day some how. It’s sad for it to end and will have to wait another year but I’m also looking forward to get home to Babs and the boy. We do a round of the shops before leaving Keswick and all meet up at the Sixty Six Cafe for breakfast, on the A66 funnily enough. Always great food and it comes with amazing views.

Ha ha apart from Andy that is. We’re all hungry and leave satisfied and full. Say our goodbyes and now for the long drive home 👎. I do one more stop at Blyth services, I nearly called the Hayden’s to see if there home but was so shattered. Just wanted to get home and run with the boy -didn’t feel like the running part-.

Rang the Formula one garage to see if my tyres we’re ready, they were. So went there first to get them put on.

Then home to see Babs and JB. It’s good to be home and after a catch up with Babs, I get ready for our run.

The boy is definitely ready to go ha ha, even though it’s pissing it down and getting dark. I’m soaked before we even get to Bishops road and Jackson doing the longest pee ever didn’t help 😲. I let him off down Potters way and he just runs alongside me, staring and looks like he’s smiling. I do hook him back on though, as it’s getting dark and I’d forgot to put his light collar on. Even though it’s hammering down and I’m soaked, I really enjoy it. It’s not cold and I don’t really mind the rain, infact I love running in it. We go across the builders field and it’s dark now and a bit slippy. Then through the underpass and down by the Nene. My mind starts to wonder back to the weekend and I think how lucky we all are. We’re all fit enough to enjoy the walking and scrambling, we all like a drink and the bond between us all is unbreakable. Love them all like family and feel so privileged to be part of the group.

Back to the run. I’m running along Bourges boulevard now, still raining and having to dodge the commuters. Over the Queensgate footbridge -nearly running into a young woman- then through town. The boy has slowed up now so the pace drops, we go through the cathedral grounds and have our usual little race through Bishop garden. Then head home to dry off.

Day 330 done 35 to go.

3.6 miles.

2018.6 miles total.

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