Day 281. Morning test.

So an early night last night, led to an early morning. I was awake before 6am, alarm was set for 6 anyway. Thought I’d try a morning run, I’ll probably regret it but hey ho. Slowly and awkwardly got ready, a lot stiffer in the mornings. I have second thoughts as I struggled to tie the laces on my trainers. Worse case I’d have a walk to loosen up. Still dark outside but plenty of traffic on the road, aswell as the path. Everyone heading to and from work and a few other joggers. I don’t feel as good as yesterday evening but not as bad as I expected. It was quite nice by the water’s edge, so I took a moment.

I could feel it a bit so gonna keep to the minimum. So about halfway through the park, I take a cut through to the streets. I’m glad I did because I started to hurt. Was happy to be back to the tower with no real issues.

Time to shower, roll, take tablets, ice up and have breakfast. Then off to work 👎.

Day 281 done 84 days to go.

2.2 miles HR 118.

1737.6 miles total.

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