Day 280. Millennium wood and Fairlands.

Back in Stevenage tonight after my first full day back at work. There’s definitely improvement today, even after an uncomfortable drive in. Fairly light duties to ease back into it. Then back to the digs, after do a food shop from Asda. This is a nice treat for tonight, double bed to myself 👍.

Got changed and headed straight out, to catch the last of the daylight. Forgot my running belt again so no pics, which is a shame but hate running and holding my phone. The hip and back feels different this evening, more localised pain and looser. I actually -apart from the full pain, tripping a few times and being slightly slower- feel fairly normal for the first time. Into the woods I remembered the pain I was in and how uncomfortable I felt last time I ran here. Seems more than just a week ago. I feel like I’m flying, I bloody love it. Weaving through the trees and dodging the roots. It’s very colourful in here with all the fallen leaves. I eventually came out and onto the path, to then cross under the road. Now I’m in Fairlands valley park. People walking there dogs, jogging and just general walking. Plenty of ducks and geese in the lakes, splashing and messing around. I decided to go around the whole park as I feel good. Pleased with my progress and feeling satisfied, I start to look forward to my tea. I get back, shower and roll out on my new best friend.

Cook my food and do my packed lunch for tomorrow. A bit of a strange meal to be honest, couldn’t decide what to get. I had carrots, broccoli, rice, quinoa, tuna and gravy. It seemed to go together well and enjoyed it. A taste sensation.

Day 290 done 85 to go.

5.1 miles.

1737.6 miles total.

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