Day 282. On the mend.

A bit late writing this one. Was out last night and was late finishing work. I drove home Tuesday evening as my back was in bits. Was gutted too as it was a lovely evening, really wanted to run.

So decided a morning run was a bad idea, so drove to work with the plan to run after. Was a bit later finishing, so was worried about loosen daylight. A quick change and out the door. Felt loads better, still stiff and sore but no stabbing pains. Sun was out and there’s plenty of people running and walking. It’s nice around the lakes this evening.

Only did the sailing lake then went under the road onto the grass field.

As you can see I had my phone with me. Picked my flip belt up from home. Finished with a fun run through millennium wood, as the sun was going down.

Got back and everyone was ready to go, 4 hungry blokes. So a quick shower and a roll out. Had to cut the call from Babs short, sorry Babs. Got dressed and out we go.

Day 282 done 87 to go.

4.2 miles.

1741.8 miles total.

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