Day 259. Numplumz MTB marathon.

Up at 5:45am, wrote yesterday’s blog ha ha while on the bog. Got ready and headed out for the minimum again. Such a nice morning though, so instead of keeping to the plan. I carried on down the river for a bit. Turned right at the end of Henry Penn walk. Up the steps and over Thorpe bridge, then over Queensgate footbridge. Felt like I could run all day, always the same when your able too. The boy isn’t feeling the same though, already slowed down for him. Think he needs a few rest days. Steady through town, the Tim Peake’s space thing is setting up outside the cathedral. We carried on, JB got lively for the squirrels in Bishops gardens. Then a nice cruise home for breakfast.

Had my porridge, honey and blueberries. Then loaded the van and got ready, still hungry though. Spotted bacon in the fridge, so smashed together a bacon sarnie and took it with me ummmmmm. Got to the event parking and me ol’ mate Pilchoooooo was mashaling. So parked up and head over for a chat. Then see Tris and Maggy, so went over to them. Everyone soon gathered together, Gasman, mad Jack and Charlie joined us. Then as I was getting ready a blast from the past stuck his head around the van, Wayne. Someone I ain’t seen him for years, from the kitesurfing days, small world. Not long then we’re off, starting on road. Rich was waiting to join us at the first turning, now we’re whole. The first bit was great fun and trails I’d mostly ridden. We all worked together and had a laugh, then there was a clatter and shouting behind. A bloke had gone into the back Tris, came off and Maggy got flipped over him. It looked a lot worse than it was, luckily only bruises. Then got to the first feed stop at 15 miles.

After loading up on drink and food we set off. Some more fun and great trail’s. A mix of road, single-track, grass and dirt. Into the wind now, so a bit tougher. We keep taking turns on the front to take the wind. It’s funny as we had to pass through Rich’s garden on the way through Barnwell. Not long after he turned to go home, he had a puncture and was originally gonna stop there anyway. The terrain got really hard for me from here. I’m the only one on a cyclo-cross, everyone else is on MTB. I mean my hands had been getting bashed but it was more constant now. At the 50km turn point Charlie and Tris head off and Charlie let me have his gloves, I’d forgot mine. Top man. So then it was just 4 and if I’m honest I found this part really tough. Not alot of smooth ground and head wind. Jack and Andy was slightly up ahead – was an easy day for them – so I was giving Maggy some wind shelter. My hands and arms were killing, not much fun at all. Another feed station and Pilcho was there, so had another chat with him. Then off we go. Was tough but settled into my own pace and that was better. The last few miles was lovely, nice trails by the river and lakes. We was back before we knew it. Time for a hog roast and a beer. Had a good catch up with Vinchenza (Pilch’s Mr’s) and Ollie the dog, who’s looking old now 😥. We all sat on the grass and chatted, then spotted Pilch and had a proper catch up this time. Time to go, said bye to everyone then me and Maggy rode to carpark and go our separate ways. 62 miles mostly off-road, Tough day.

Day 259 done 106 to go.

3.9 miles.

1601.7 miles total.

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