Day 260. Sticking to the plan.

So here it is, only 5 days – including today- till the Snowdon Ultra. Oh my god! Where’s the time gone? Could do with a few more weeks buts would I still say the same then? Probably. Like they say “There’s no time like the present” Let’s do this 💪. I’m as ready as I can be, both mentally and physically. I’ve done the miles, I’ve done the research on the route, including recce’s and I’ve just about got my kit sorted. Come on!

So after a tough ride on the bike yesterday, which i my last big effort untill Saturday. Hands are a little sore including the blister because of the rough terrain.

All part of the fun.

So after walking the boy in the lovely evening sun.

We meet Babs while out, we all walk back together. I leave her at home finishing the tea while I head out. Only a lap around Fengate, nothing special but sticking to the plan and getting it done. Felt good nd legs actually feel better for the biking. Do feel tired though. My first proper minimum mileage of the year done.

Day 260 done 105 to go.

2 miles.

1603.7 miles total.

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