Day 258. Flag Fen.

Late writing this, got to bed last night and remembered. I nearly got up to write it but as you see, I didn’t. Yesterday was about prepping for today and next Saturday. Also a rest day, so didn’t get up till gone 9am, unlike today. Had a nice walk with the boy around the meadows near the Boathouse. Followed by sitting in the beer garden with a Guinness. Babs had gone on a long run and was waiting for her to finish. She did nearly 8 miles mostly off-road and some single-track. She’ll be craving the hills soon 😉.

She was out tonight, so me and JB was home after 4pm. So finished cleaning my bike and getting ready for the morning.

Then went out for our run. Just an out and back. Was gonna do the minimum, then finish with walking. Headed along the Nene towards millennium bridge. One thing led to another and we ended up at Flag Fen.

Jackson was a bit knackered still, as he stayed by my feet all the way back. Was quite nice for me, could just relax. We stopped at Star road and walked the last bit. Spent the rest of the evening ordering my waterproof for next week and looking at houses.

Day 258 done 107 to go.

5 miles.

1597.8 miles total.

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