Day 171. Don’t forget your roots.

Absolutely love this picture, taken by Babs cousin. It’s a Boston sunset, my home town. Had some great memories in this town and the Britannia pub there in the pic, the white building. Been in a few states in there. Boston Stump is standing proud too, a big recognised figure on the Lincolnshire landscape, seen for miles. Always used to try and be the first to spot it, as I kid coming home from our hols. I’m happy not be living there now but always a Bostonian at heart.

After another tough day at work, I head to the A1 services for a shower and chicken wrap. Also to use there loo. Then drove over to the Montegu Arms in Barnwell -this is where the pub ride finishes tonight- I get my running kit on. I think about just doing laps of the playing field. Then decide to run on the road, 15 mins out then turn back. Just as I was gonna set off, it started to spit with rain and this was looming over me.

So left my phone in the van, didn’t want to get it wet. As it happens it never rained but better safe than sorry. I walked to entrance, were a bloke was fixing something to the brick pillar. I said hi then set off. Turning left and following the road till I turn right on the Thurning turning. A nice steady climb now, a nice running gradient. The light wind is on my back and I soon get really hot. I’m glad I put my vest on tonight. Had to stand on the grass a few times as the cars flew past, seemed in a rush. It’s about a mile climb, very nice and at 15 mins I turn back. Into the wind now, feels cool. I decided to take a footpath to my left, I’d spotted it on my way out. It turns out to be a nice undulating bit of trail. Problem was I needed a dump, not good. No dock leaves in sight so need to keep going. I end up back in Barnwell and only a small village but seems a lifetime getting back to the pub. Luckily it’s open and just in the nick of time. Infact I start to wonder if I’ll be ok to ride. Needless to say I get ready and after waiting for Nick, we set off and head to the shop. Tris sets a quick pace and leads the 3 ish miles to the shop. A quick regroup then off we go. Only 5 of us in our group tonight, so know it gonna be a fast one. I’m right it’s fast from the go. All taking our turns at the front, till Tris and Rich open up a gap and make a breakaway. I try to bridge the gap on my own, for about 3 miles. Untill Shad and Nick catch me and we work together to catch the other groups. Then we lost Nick and gained Stefan and Scott, which me and Shad dropped them for the finish sprint. Another great night and a fast ride. A beer and some chips, a good catch up with everyone. Great fun šŸ‘.

Day 171 done 194 to go.

Biked 21.6 miles 23 mph ave.

Ran 3.8 miles HR 137.

1053.3 miles total.

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