Day 170. Muggy

Parked at the Woodman after work. Really miss having the boy with me at work but still at Charlie’s. It’s a bit warm to run him too. Me and er indoors are walking him to Charters later🍺. The work, the ultra and this humid weather is wearing me out. There’s light at the end of the tunnel now though.

Getting it done.

So I was parked at the Woodman, needed to use there loo first. Then I set off. Heading into Ferry meadows and through the woods. I stop to get my phone out and get attacked by mozzies, loads of em. I would get a pic but think they’ll suck me dry. So I carry on, legs feel heavy but ok. It’s very muggy tonight, sweatfest. Out of the woods I carry on around the park. The odd groups are relaxing by the river and the lakes. Really quite tonight though to be fair. It feels tough tonight but enjoying it. It’s always nice around here, always people about and generally a nice place to be. Over the wobbly bridge back up to Thorpe wood road, I put some effort in. Giving it some all the way to the road, pouring with sweat now. Get back to the van, sort myself out and head home. After a shower and catch up of the day, we walk the boy and finish at Charters. Beer and burgers, perfect 🍺👍.

Day 170 done 195 to go.

3.8 miles HR 133.

1049.5 miles total.

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