Day 172. Summer Solstice.

Well here it is, summer Solstice. The longest day in the UK. -daylight hours- To be honest it caught me off guard, snuck up on me like a Velociraptor. I’m a bit annoyed with myself for not planning a late run or something, nevermind maybe next year 😉.

So I ran with the legend this morning, which is plenty good enough,. It seems ages since I’ve done it and was looking forward to it.

This is him at the end, tell me he doesn’t enjoy it too. We do the swan route, so we head down Potters way. Noticing how the wind is a little cooler this morning, i smile. Nice. It’s a lovely morning for a run. Blue skies, fresh and feels later than it is. Nothing else to report until we get to Central park. A few others walking there dogs and a couple of joggers. Also spotted this on the gate, maybe worth a look.

As I was day dreaming, I forgot to cross the road. No worries, we just followed the path on the otherside. Went under it through the underpass, then stomped the path back up to Bishop’s road. Back down Star road and home.

Fed JB and had a shower. Babs had been busy as a 🐝 and washed the kitchen floor, aswell as doing the ironing. So she earned herself a kiss. Made myself a fried egg sandwich (as Babs is happy with her poridge)homemade spred with Avocado,black pepper, tumeric and fresh ground ginger ummmmmm. Off to work a happy chappy.

Unfortunately had to work late today and didn’t get home till nearly 7pm. So had to miss the biking I’d planned to do. Can’t do everything. Was looking forward to the beer afterwards though 👎🍺.

Day 172 done 193 to go.

5 miles HR 123.

1058.5 miles total.

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