Day 149. Close call.

Didn’t run till after work today as felt a bit ropey. I reckon that spa session was too hot for me, especially straight after my run. Felt knackered and had a headache all day. Anyway didn’t have the boy with me, so drove to the Woodman and parked up.

Was gonna run around Oundle way but wasn’t feeling it. Plus at least I was closer to home now. Got changed, I found some Sudafed from last year. What the worse that can happy? Right? So I squirted it up both nostles, burnt slightly but think that’s normal. Plus it does clear my sinussis a bit. Why do I feel so knackered, I just want to stop and go home. I keep going though, reluctantly. Following the top track through Bluebell wood. After a mile it feels a bit easier and I decided to do at lap of the lakes. At around 2 miles, I pass some walkers and joke about the oversized stick there dog has, then gulp! I swallowed a fly. Not just any fly, I know that taste. It’s the ones that sets my Asthma off. Instantly I feel my throat swell, can’t believe I haven’t got my inhaler on me. Coughing now but trying stay calm. I shallow breath and keep moving not wanting to make a scene. I had a it in a corner now, been here so many times. If I keep calm,try not to cough too much and shallow breath…oooooops a little bit of sick came up with that cough, and maybe the fly. As I don’t need to cough now. The whole thing only lasted about a minute, then the swelling eased and breathing is normal. It is a bit of a lottery for me this time of year, just got to keep my gob shut. My glasses are proper steamed up now too but I refuse to take em off. Just act cool Rodney 😎. Strangely the next mile feels great and was tempted to carry on. I didn’t though, quit while I’m ahead I tell myself. Plus Babs is cooking tea, I’m ready for that now.👍 Did feel a dodgy though, maybe the Sudafed. Just had enough time to cut the grass before food. Then as nice walk with after JB.

Day 129 done 216 to go.

3.7 miles HR 135.

903.8 miles total.

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