Day 148. Spa day

After a lot of thought, decided to not bike today. Time related issues plus wanted to spend some time with the boy. Babs and I are having a spa afternoon, check us out. With mud treatment therapy 🤔. So the final plan was set. Babs would do her run and I would walk Jackson. I’ll park up and take him for a swim and walk around Ferry meadows and Babs will meet at the van. So i had time for a good breakfast and chill before we go. Also got my stuff together as I’m running out from Ferry meadows after, like a running tag team. JB had his swim and good long walk, I also popped into the sailing club to get a hire price list. I fancy getting out on the windsurf kit. Anyway plan the worked to perfection, I’d only been at the van 2 minutes and Babs turned up. All hot and sweaty, it’s a good job her amasing husband had a drink ready for her. My turn now and I head straight up the hill and down the otherside of Loves hill, then a left down splash lane. I go off-road now starting on the nice single-track at the back of Castor. Across the Roman field and to the river. I take the trail away from the river and towards the train track. Bloody nettles and overgrown, where’s the cows and sheep when you need em?

After getting stung a million times I did get the treat of the steam train passing me.

I followed the Nene back from Wansford station, the grass is high but no nettles, thank god. Still hard going and very hot now, the sun’s beaming. Back to end of splash lane and a dash across the grass field, I’m back on paths. I’m happy to stay on them now, fed up of getting bit and stung. While running before this point, I take a call from a mate John. Him and Debs are near ours. They live at the coast so don’t see them much. “Pop around mate Babs is home and I’ll be back in 30-40mins” I say. I hang up and carried on. With this in mind I take a more direct route home. Which is still 7-8 miles away. I can feel that my hip is tight and slight restrictive. I try to stretch it as I run, it seems to help. It’s very busy through ferry meadows, I zone out and dodge and weave around everyone. Bit of a pain but good to see so many out and about. My foot still don’t feel right either, was worse this morning. I’m guessing the walk beforehand did it some good. I ran down Thorpe road and through town, getting a pic of the big book as I cut through the cathedral.

Got home and I’d just missed John and Debs by 5 minutes, they had to get going. Shame but totally understand. Babs made me dinner, then time for a nice soothing day bath to soak the hip and got me ready for our pamper and relax time 😎.

Day 148 done 217 to go.

12.6 miles HR 137.

900.1 miles total.

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