Day 150. Feeling as flat as this puddle.

Big thunderstorms over night and heavy rain. I usually love listening to it but all I can do this morning is think how rough I feel. Not looking forward to getting up. Reluctantly though I do and me and the legend go out in the rain, which I usually like too. Who’s is this body? Doesn’t feel like mine. Very laboured this morning, really struggling to get any flow. Start doing the reverse Swan route but bail and head straight through town. I do force myself to add the bus station in.

Then back and through the cathedral and home. Don’t feel like work now, if it keeps raining I’m going back to bed.

Day 150 done 215 to go.

3 miles.

906.8 miles total.

I took the day off due to weather and feeling rough. I found this blog on salt consumption. Worth a read if you have time.

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