Day 128. Reverse Swan.

Fancied a change this morning, so thought we can do the swan route in reverse. I know it’s the same but worth a bash. Confused the dog for a start, as his pooh stop is down the Potters way. He found a new one ok, so panic over. It actually felt nice starting this way, along the path from Bishops road, across Star road, back on the path to Eastfield road. Down Monument street and up Broadway, to the park. Central park is great first thing, always people enjoying it. I’m not sure what it’s like in the day these days, must try it out and see what the cafe if like too.

We leave the park after doing the lap and the cross throughs. Heading into town down Broadway, I’m tempted to turn for home. My Achilles tendon is still slightly tender and maybe should be resting it. A plan is a plan though, so I carry on through town over Bourges boulevard. Crossing the road at the lights on the corner, next to the sea cadets building. It’s actually nicer doing the route this way, the view of the river and bridge it stunning.

We go into the builders field for a bit of grass and freedom for the boy. Then head home down Potters way.

Day 128 done 243 to go.

5.7 miles.

785.1 miles total.

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