Day 127. The girl done good.

Well after second thoughts last night, Babs is good to go. She was worried about the heat and if I’m honest, I was worried for her. It had to be her decision and she made it. Chris stayed over last night to look after the dog for us. So we left just after 7am for Milton Keynes. The stadium is very smart and big.

Plenty of sun cream and a new pair of glasses and she’s ready to go and also well hydrated. There’s so many people, it’s heaving. Load music booming through the speakers, great atmosphere.

Nerves under control Babs heads to her pen to join in on the warm up (like they needed it ha ha). I battle through the crowd to get my place ready to watch her pass. The cow mascots were awesome all-day, none stop chearing,hugging and high fiving everyone.

After see her pass and looking happy I can chill. So now time to wait. Straight to the food van. Bacon and egg bap and a cup of tea. Then went and got some sunglasses from the same stall we got Babs from, also got some new trainers. Then chilled and waited for her to finish in the stadium.

Unfortunately I messed up. I’d been following her on the tracking app, which was brilliant. Then it stopped just outside the stadium, no signal I guess. After 5 mins or so, I start to get worried, has she passed out? Had a seizure? Or have I just not seen her. She was wearing a bright pink hat, surly I couldn’t have missed her, could I? After going outside to check and nearly getting raged with people (I’m not got in crowds at the best of times) eventually I find her, panic over. Id just missed her, stupid app getting me panicked. Was gutted to not see her finish. After she eventually gets some water her medal and stuff, we get away from the crowds and sit in the shade. She tells me about how good it was and how she’d loved it.

Legend! Alot didn’t even finish today, so she did amazing.

After queuing for what seemed like a lifetime, we get out the carpark and head home. Do our food shop on route and relieve Chris of Jackson duty. Not that he minds as he loves JB. I decide to give this month’s segment a bash on the road bike and get Chris to drop me off on his route home. Too nice an evening not get out, he dropped me off at Sawtry. I said bye and get going. The pollen count feels high, can feel it on my chest. Get the Glatton and hit the start of the segment. Tried not to start too hard and to hold a constant power. It’s not a big climb but feels it today but I give it a good go. Get to the end and relax, my throat felt like I’d smoked 20 fags. Felt a bit disappointed with my effort as I faded a bit but at least I’m on the board, with an ok time. The rest of the ride was lovely, even didn’t mind riding through town to get home.

Babs had made a nice potato salad for tea. So ate that and let it settle. Needed to test my new trainers out, also had to walk the boy. So waiting for it to cool down a bit too.

We head out, still fairly warm but just a short loop of the block, so won’t kill us. Instantly wish I hadn’t ate that coleslaw, talk about indigestion, blimey! Trainers felt nice a comfy though, so pleased with them. Went for some softer cushioning to give my feet a rest from my other shoes.

Lessons today.

1. Don’t trust tracking Apps

2. Babs is tougher than she or I thought.

3. Don’t eat coleslaw before you run.

Day 127 done 248 to go.

2.3 miles.

785.1 miles total.

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