Day 129. Ill house.

Woke up this morning, to sick on the kitchen floor. Poorly boy. I ain’t been feeling great myself and after I’d finished cleaning up, I was stuck on the toilet, not good. So two sick notes set out for a steady one. Didn’t feel like it one bit but it was too nice a morning, not too. Was very close to walking but wanted to go pubride tonight, if I felt ok that is. Selfish I know. Just did a couple of laps of the builders field and across the embankment. He was happy doing his own thing while I plodded. We head home and I feed the boy and spend some more time on the loo 👎. Shower, weight in, breakfast then off to work. After a busy day and not feeling my best, I decided to not go pub riding. Gonna do a power test tomorrow night with Martin too, so need to save energy. On the way home I messaged Babs and said I’d meet her at Charters with the boy. Had a nice steady walk there with JB and got a pint of cider, while we waited. Didn’t check the strength before I bought. 6.8% 😌 only one of this I reckon. We ordered a burger (burger and drink for a £10) and wine. Bloody good.

Again ate it before I thought about a pic ha ha. Stuff my face with snacks night tonight, always do why I feel rough.

Day 129 done 241 to go.

2.6 miles HR 120.

793 miles total.

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