Day 103 Full of clowns

Put up some little signs for Babs litter pick, very badly as you can see.

At least I tried and it was raining, plus I stabbed my finger with the Stanley knife. Got soaked walking Jackson.

Had a pint after work in the Feathers, for Andy’s birthday. I love a Friday pint straight from work, can’t beat it. So walked JB at ferry meadows before coming home and believe it or not, the sun was trying to show itself. Babs is out tonight, so wait till she sets off to say bye. Then I head out for my run, only fancy a short run again tonight. Biking tomorrow, better save a bit energy. So set off and slowly built my pace up and do a lap of the embankment. The American circus is starting to fill up, it’s been here for a few days now, should go to it really. Shorts and t-shirt tonight, happy. I do another lap and keep slowly picking my pace up. After the second lap, I keep going and head home. Ends up being just over 5k, just enough for tonight. Had a bath while tea cooked. then chilled out on the sofa with the legend.

Day 103 done 262 to go.

3.1 miles.

655.9 miles total.

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