Day 104 What’s that in the sky?

9am ride with the Gorilla’s today and on the way there something strange happened in the sky, it went blue 😎 Took my cyclo-cross bike with road tyres on, just to keep familiar with it for the dirty riever next week. Was great to see everyone on a weekend ride, seems ages. Luckily we stopped at around 15 miles so everyone could loose some layers, I was melting as it was warming up and so was the pace. We hit this month’s segment and everyone is keen to get a time, wish I had my road bike. We all took turns pushing the pace as it’s just over 4 miles long. Tom and David got the times of the day, I wasn’t too far behind. We do some through and off after this ( a rotation system or chain gang) I find this tough today for some reason. So nice to be out in the sunshine and feel warm. The pace stayed strong as we go through the flat fens even with a slight head wind. I grab a sandwich out my jacket pocket just as everyone starts slowing, unexpected. With the sandwich in my left hand, I had to use my front brake to slow. Luckily I controlled it well and didn’t do an endo but everyone then whizzed off, what’s happening. Sandwich now in my mouth I chased them down, knackered! At about 40 miles everyone stopped for snacks and some needed a rest, I decided to carry on at my own pace, to try and recover a bit if I’m honest. They catch me after 5-6 miles and I drop back in with them. I’m finding tough now, still a little overdressed and it’s hard on this bike at this pace. With 3 miles to go I drop off the back, as a few others already had too and I ride solo back to the Whafe. Got changed into my shorts and t-shirt, put my trainers on and dropped these tired and heavy let’s down the road. This is when I realise actually how warm it really is. I’m toasting and pouring with sweat but it’s great. I just do a short run as don’t want to miss everyone for a beer. By 2 miles I just wanted more but resisted and head back. Got to the van and bumped into Jimmy in the carpark. Had a quick catch up with him, good to see him a top bloke. As I walked in the Tap and Kitchen Emma was at the bar, perfect timing πŸ‘ thanks Emma. We all sit in the sun worn-out and share some chips and drink beer, great fun I’ve missed this.

60 miles at 19.8 ave HR 145 ave.

Head home to see the boy. Cut the grass then chill in the sun before I walk him down the Rowing lake. Where we got wet feet, still loads of water.

Day 104 done 261 to go.

2.5 miles.

657.4 miles total.

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