Day 102 Chow now brown cow.

Had some wine last night, maybe a bit too much, so didn’t fancy running first thing, felt a bit rough. Had breakfast and walked the boy, another miserable gloomy morning. Working up and down a scaffold all day repointing a chimney. Absolutely freezing up there in that north east wind, cold to the bone today. Felt really knackered today as slept bad last night again, so drove straight home after work and had a coffee to warm up. Babs came home and told me to get out and do my run. She knew I wasn’t feeling it today and was just what I needed to hear. So got changed grabbed the boy and left. Dressed to be warm, as still felt cold and was glad I did. bloody miserable weather. Thing is as soon as I got going and let the boy off, I felt good. I opened up the engine slightly, to get the fires burning. Yeah this is better, I’m warm now infact I’m too warm. Hat and gloves off and sleeves rolled up. Hooked the boy on and carried on at a decent pace, not race pace but decent. We weaved around all the people buzzing around town as some stared and some just stayed locked onto there phone screens, oblivious to anything going on. I hear a couple talk about how cute JB looks, as we run alongside occasionally glancing at eachother, this is when I realise I’m constantly saying “yeah” to him ha ha. He’s in full trot with tongue out and I’m sure he’s enjoying it as much as I am. We get home I feed him have a shower and make tea.

Day 102 done 263 to go.

3.8 miles HR 145.

652.8 miles total.

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