Day 348 – 14/31. Little Berkhamsted.

Day 14…second week complete…

DH blog and miles.

8.21 miles – Dec Total 96.7

Week 2 total = 55.11 miles.


8.84 mile – Dec Total 96.97

Week 2= 54.26

That’s a gain to Dave this week, so that’s one all 👍. Both weeks mileage targets reached and only slightly passed, well done mate.

Today we plan to run when I finished work. We try to finish early on a Friday, as the others have a 2 and half hour drive home. Plus they stay away all week. Dave was getting checked over by the GP as he’s cracking on a bit 😉. We should both be ready around the same time, it worked out we was. I see a message from DH saying he was ready when I was, I replied with ready in 15 mins. Clockwork 👍🏃.

I’m running from the job, we’re working in a lovely little village called little Berkhamsted. Kate (the client) kindly let me leave the van on there drive. I’d found a path that said Hertfordshire way while walking JB the other day. So while we have daylight let’s check it out…

Swapping mileage to ease tomorrow a bit, so aiming for 8 instead of 5. I teased Dave with the idea earlier, he didn’t commit but I had a gut feeling he’d join me. When he’d in he’s in and he did the 8 too 👍, even though he’s easing off the miles next week….

The trail started off lovely and through some trees and great views of the countryside. Got a funny look off these though.

Ran past this tree and had to go back for a pic, although didn’t get a great shot of it.

I thought it looked like the sky was cracking.

Headed through some meadows and lovely little villages. Big houses old and new, some proper nice wooded bits too.

But if I’m honest the boy was a bit of hard work today, not his fault. It’s all the new smells and he’d had a couple of slight rest days, although Babs ran him yesterday. His fitness comes back so quickly and he’s mad for it. Mixed with me going the wrong way a few times and a woman asking me to stop running. She had a massive greyhound and not much control, I said he can come us if you like. She wasn’t impressed ha ha. Think I’m still behind on sleep too, well I know I am. Maybe a simple run around Grafham water would of been better. Or maybe today I’m just grumpy 🤔 I did enjoy it but not as much as I should of.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Catching up with the Hayden’s at Sherwood pines Parkrun. Will DH join me in the extra 5 or not? He says not and I think that’s final but he is full of surprises that man. Legend 😎🏃

Day 348 done 17 to go.

8.8 miles.

2131.8 miles .

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