Day 347. 13/31 Sleepless night.

After the train journey back to Stevenage last night. I needed the loo, thought I could hold it in till the digs. I thought wrong, I jogged back as best I could. At the main door I couldn’t get the code to work, I was nearly wetting my sen. I had to run around the back of the building, bumping into a brick pillar as I did. Just at that point a car passed and beeped the horn ha ha, thought I was pissed. Once that was sorted I could think clearly, I’d been putting the number in without the bell symbol on. šŸ™„

I’m staying on the small sofa tonight. Everyone sleeping and Reese is on the other sofa, so I do my best to get settled and not to wake him. My phone is getting flatter and flatter, so I bang it onto ultra battery saving mode. This puts me on edge as need to be up in 5 hours and worried my alarm wouldn’t work. Had a horrendous nights sleep, infact I’m not sure I even slept. Kept checking the time šŸ˜“. So a instead of heading to Panshanger I just ran out from the Tower. Was a fresh morning and already frost on the ground, the car windscreens have a hard frost on too. I thought I’d stay on the lighted paths to be safe, although I have my head torch ready with me, I choose to run without it to start.

Head out of Stevenage, thinking about an out and back. Went past the Checkers pub and carried on past The Three Horseshoes. I think about the conversation last night. I mentioned if my head’s into something then it changes last minute, I get really Mardy. So I’ve taught myself, not to expect or plan too much, saves getting frustrated. I think I like to be impulsive and to go with the flow, which isn’t too wrong. After thinking about it this morning though, I think have issues with being let down and feeling un important. I must like structure as this month has proven. I’ve really enjoyed setting up the planned routes, start times and mileage this month. I know DH is a man of his word, so I have no doubt he’ll be on time (just before) and won’t let me down and I won’t him either. So I think it’s not the change that annoys me, it’s the lack of structure and importance. So instead of being disappointed, I tend to avoid it. So from now on I’m gonna address this, I’m gonna be more structured, take the changes as what they are and see what happens.

Back to the run. I’m in the dark countryside now and I’ve come upto Frogmore park. I’ve always wondered what’s in here, so I go in. There a long steady climb up a road, till I get to the hall.

Surprisingly I wasn’t spooked out even slightly, I mean I’m on my own in the middle of nowhere at 6:30am, it’s freezing cold and dark. Instead I feel calm and just wanted to head more into the unknown. So this is what I did, I’m only 4 and half miles into the run, so too soon to turn back anyway. It’s downhill now and still on the small road. At the bottom there’s a nice Hamlet of a few houses, I know if I turn left on this road will take me in the direction of Stevenage but! There’s another footpath sign pointing striaght on. It’s shows it goes to a place called Benington. Not sure where that is. So I take the path ha ha. I figure I can always turn back at mile 6, we all know I wouldn’t though ha ha. Instead I find myself on a dirt trail, following Fields and hedges. The track is muddy single-track and hard to stay balanced at times. Obviously my torch had been on since entered Frogmore. I’ve gone uphill again and in the distance to my left I see the glow, of what I was guessing is Stevenage. The trail goes slightly off the right, heading away now. I’m over 6 miles now and know I’m not turning back. I could see a cars lights in the distance, so know there’s a road. I head towards that until I finally reach it and run left. heading in the direction of the glow. There’s no path and it’s a narrow undulating country road. Luckily only a few cars passed, where I had to dive into the bushes…

At a crossroad I decide to go straight over but instantly start doubting my sense of direction. I’m also starting to wonder what time I’ll get back and will I be locked out? I’d like to think not. Anyway I got out my phone and took it out of ultra saving mode, please don’t die on me. Checked Google maps and I was right šŸ‘. I go through a lovely little village called Aston, along a grass verge, weaved through some woodland. Taking the trails that kept me up and to the left, just a gut feeling. Got it right again, I recognised the road and was soon back on the road I ran out on. I noticed how tired I was feeling now, legs are fine just shattered from lack of sleep. Good training I think….

I head through Fairlands valley park and do a lap of the sailing lake, to get the 12 miles in. On the road back to the tower I started to feel fresh again, amazing.

I get back with 15 mins till we leave. So a quick cold drink and brew a tea with 2 sugars. A nice hot shower -better than the bottle shower- my legs was dirty and are now red roar. Might be getting too cold for shorts.

DH blog and miles.

12.75 ā€“ Dec total 89.


12.41 total Dec 88.13

Day 347 done 18 to go.

12.4 miles.

2123 miles total.

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