Day 326. Night recce.

So after a steady but busy day which consisted of mending JT’s fence, driving the long way from Kings Cliffe to Oundle, to meet JD for birthday beer and catch up, trying to get some new rear tyres for the van ( booked in for Tuesday) and finally getting home to take the boy out. Later than I’d hoped, but hey ho.

Drove to the Woodman via Pets at Home, for dog and cat food. Was still in my jeans, work t-shirt and old trainers, running kit is overrated 🤫.

The boy is very keen tonight, pulling a good un. Was a struggle to calm him to be honest, he did ease of but still a bit of a puller. Thought we could do the Parkrun course, see how is feels in the dark. After the wobbly bridge and a bit, we join the route midway. We turn right, easy to see so far. The sailing club lights up the lake nicely and gives us some light.

Not that it looks that way on this pic ha ha. We do the end loop and start heading back. JB stops suddenly. Made me jump and nearly tripped over him 😲. Couldn’t see anything but he obviously did. We carried on over the bridge, past the kids park and Eric’s bench and round to the cafe. There’s a big tent in the field, apparently a fun dog show and craft fair.

Cross the imaginary finish line and turn back. Thinking how nice the course is at night, will definitely be having different thoughts on the 31st. Coming up to Eric’s bench again I tell him I’ll need him with me on the run (will be sitting on his bench at some point for sure). Then I got the feeling that he was there, got that tingling sensation. I thought good ol’ boy. Then I chuckled and said ” what you doing Eric, you never ran ” Then it crossed my that he most definitely would of done. I never met him untill he was in his late 50’s, he was a fit a healthy man. Untill the Cancer got him that is, he didn’t go without a fight though. I’ll be needing some of his strength on run day. As we crossed the bridge and turn right I remembered, Sod it! Forgot to do the little loop at the start of the route. Nevermind I ain’t going back, too much to do. We head back to the van and go home. Picked up Babs on her walk home from work, then the mad rush begins. Chris was there to fetch the dog (he’s looking after him at his for the night) I was trying finish packing, load the van, setting my bed up in the van, having tea, Babs was helping with that plus packed lunch for me, all that while grabbing the cat to take him to vets. I’m currently waiting for my jeans to dry on the radiator, (nearly done) so I can set off. It’s 7:27pm so one hour behind schedule. It’s my annual lads weekend in the Lake District, I’m going a night early to get a run in. Will let you know how that goes 🏃🏞️👍

Only 7.6 miles till I got my 2000 milestone, this should be on tomorrow’s run 😎

Day 326 done 39 to go 😲

3.5 miles.

1992.4 miles.

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