Day 325. Date night.

Like I said in yesterday’s blog, proper felt knackered today. The lack of sleep, 4 hours travelling a day and running has worn me out. Had my follow up appointment with Ben at Preston’s Health tonight. He’s really happy with my progress and he gave me some more exercises to do. He doesn’t need to see me again unless I need too. He also took the link for my blog and the end of year Facebook page. Gonna share it on their site. He’s gonna give some below 135 BPM runs ago too, top lad. Thanks Ben, looking forward to run with you at some point šŸ‘. I also nearly left without paying the receptionist šŸ˜².

So feeling full of confidence but I’ve no motivation, as I’m shattered. Was gonna go and meet Justin and the others, for a beer later after turbo. Their not gonna be there till 9pm and its my last night with Babs before I head to the lakes. So we order a Chinese and watch TV.

Before this though I get ready, grab the boy and head out. Thought I’d wear my HR monitor tonight, ain’t used it for ages. The boy is keen and we shoot off down the road. I feel good and look at my watch, 98 BPM šŸ˜². Sometimes needs to settle in at the start. We run to the Nene and stay on the path next to the embankment. At the next light, I look again 122 BPM. Blimey I must be knackered. Then further on, as we head down Henry Penn walk, I look, no data. I wet the sensor again, still no data, adjust it, still none, stupid HR strap. Time replace it I reckon, as I only put new batteries not that long ago. Anyway back to the run, only had a t-shirt on and felt spot on. The river is lovely at night and tonight is no exception, the moon is shining off the water and the ducks and swans are still busy feeding. We pass 3 lads, didn’t trust them at all, so I ran tall and straight past them. No trouble this time šŸ’Ŗ. After this we had the path to ourselves all the way to Boathouse and back through the estates. A bit busier as we cut through to Thorpe road and through town. Everyone loves Xmas shopping. We get home, throw the HR monitor on the side, order a Chinese, I have a shower. Date night, well family night in I guess.

Day 325 done 40 to go.

4.5 miles.

1988.9 miles total.

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