Day 241. Long drives and bushes.

2hrs 10mins commute this morning, busy roads and heavy rain doesn’t mix. The drive home was nearly as bad, so it turned into a 12hr day 👎. After speaking to Babs, she’s been to the doctor today. Her dizzy spells ain’t any better, her tests came back clear. Next step, CT scan. Just a precaution but still worrying. I parked at the Woodman for tonight’s run. Headed into the woods and stuck to the top trails. I’ve been noticing my HR starting high on my last few runs. It’s been the opposite to that for months. Thought my HR monitor needed new batteries but maybe it’s another reason. I’m thinking it’s either –

1- I’ve been fatigued and now my body has adjusted.

2- I’m feeling mentally stronger than ever and this has done it.

3- I’m reacting to this stupid bites I have, all over my lower legs.

Yep bloody bites are murder, there proper swollen and itchy. Even put sun tan lotion on them before the run, to try and stop it. Didn’t work though, if anything it made them worse. Took the single-track trail along the Nene towards Altwalton. The ground has softened up nicely after the rain. Had to stop to get a pic of this horse, shining in the sun. Stood and watched it for a while.

There building a new footbridge over to the field too 👍.

For now though I take the diversion round. Across the fields, over the other bridge and over the lock to Altwalton. Up the road and then left down to the single-track through the trees. Started to think about when I was young, why wasn’t I doing this back then. I reckon my life would be totally different and maybe mentally in a better place. Then again I wouldn’t be running along my favourite trail now. In my happy place taking it all in, enjoying every step. I’ve had a rough life but a good one and wouldn’t change it for anything now. I’ve excepted me for who and what I am and without sounding like a knob, I’m proud and happy to be me. So I enjoyed the rest of my run, around the outside of the park untill! I had to stop. Needed a piss, so went in the trees. It soon came clear it wasn’t just a piss I needed. Panic set in, I went deeper into the bushes. I apologise to the two runners I startled by rustling the bushes. Don’t know where that came from, caught me off guard. I felt like a new man after though. I floated back to the van, light as a feather. Just near Thorpe road I heard a Tawny owl calling.

Day 241 done 124 to go.

7 miles HR 145.

1468.7 miles total.

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