Day 240. Well.

Man alive my abs are caned tonight. Kite surfing has definitely beat me up a bit, plus been screeding a floor today. So I’m laying here soaking in the bath, enjoying the aches I’ve earned. Had 3 bits bad news today off friends and loved ones, going through hard times. Wish I could make things better for you all. Stand proud and be strong X.

Also went through my own battle yesterday, I found my love for the sea again. Been struggling to forgive it for taking my mate but it’s time to move past that now. R.I.P. Sean.

So onto more happy stuff. Here’s a pic of JB cooling off, on today’s run.

Looks like he’s having a sneaky wee. Babs is still feeling dodgy, so we left her to rest while we went running. Parked at the rowing lake. You get 1 hour free, so an hour run it is. We head off after the boy finished doing his business. Plenty of dog walkers tonight, so a bit stop and starty. He likes to meet every dog and be fussed. Beautiful evening to be out.

We pass the Bushfield joggers going the opposite way on Orton mere. Becky leading the group and everyone was smiling and happy. I held the gate. Over Oundle road and through the woods, Jackson wanted to do this at pace, so I went with it. Great fun. Loads more dog walkers through ferry meadows. Some joggers too, also a group of 4 older ladies. I’d say late 50’s early 60’s. Happy as Larry they were, running together at a nice pace too. Was amazing to see, just shows you that age is just a number. A lone kayaker out near the wobbly bridge.

Running along the trail by the golf course, I step aside for some MTBers. They was all polite, which if I’m honest doesn’t happen alot. I recognised Wayne Langley, we said hi. This is when I worked out its the P.A.C.E. lot.

I decided we had enough time left to go and do Thorpe meadows, behind Thorpe hall. Nice and quite around there. Then back to the van just in time, not that it mattered, as had the ticket upside down anyway ha ha.

Day 240 done 125 to go.

6.5 miles.

1461.7 miles total.

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