Day 228. Hello daylight.

There you have it, I’m back. By public demand, now rocking with a one man band 👊.

Hit my low today a bounced back up, I always do but just sometimes have to wait. Let some steam off last night -poor Babs- but nothing bad just a good old moan. Early night and slept right through till 7pm. Babs had got up with the boy to give me as lay in. One of the problems with depression is your partner/wife/family take the brunt of it. It’s not easy for them to understand but trust me when I say, we don’t understand either, that’s the worst part. So I’m gonna take this chance to thank Babs, my family and my friends who’s seen this side of me and still stand by me. I know I’m good value for money 😉. My highs outweigh my lows 💪.

Strangely this is what helped me today. Work! Ha ha yep a shit day at work. 10 and a half hours worth of it. Woke up angry, went to work angry, got angrier while there. Nearly broke down in tears twice. Thought about leaving my phone and going off the grind for a bit. Thing is, nothing bad had really happened, just wound myself up. That’s mental health for ya. Thing is I’m very stubborn, so I wouldn’t leave the work unfinished. Through fault of my own I’d put too much plaster on. So angrily carried on till I finished. Until I wasn’t angry anymore, I felt relaxed. Even laughed at myself while having a cup of tea with Sarah. She’d been out all day with the kids, to give me space so none the wiser. Although I did say I wasn’t in a good place and probably the worse day plastering for years. Hence the cup of tea. A cup of tea sorts everything out 👍. So left there about 7pm and my wrist really swollen (tendentious). On the way home it got worse, really painful. Was tempted to go to the walk in centre. Decided to go home and get some ice on it and have a coffee. Babs was walking the boy, she’d been out running with Jemima beforehand. Wrist eased slightly so headed out for my run. Met Babs and JB at the end of our road, quick chat then I head off. I feel great, I mean my calves are tight and feet aren’t loosened up yet but I know that’ll sort their Sen out a couple of miles in. I mean I feel great, feel normal again. I feel positive and enjoying every step. I head through town and down Thorpe road. In the groove and running to the beat of Stevo. Could run all night I reckon but I’m not gonna. I want to go home and talk to Babs, tell her I love her and I’m proud of her. I do the old Sweatshop loop, then bounce my way through town. Take in Bishop road gardens, cross the road and go past the gym. Get home and get jumped by my bestie, then Babs comes out with her amasing smile. Tea is nearly ready and beers chilled. We catch up on the day and I tell her how great she is. After tea she runs me a bath. This is where I’m laid now writing this, cold beer on the side and absolute 80’s on the radio…

Big shout out to David Hayden as he’s 16 days into his month of running everyday. He’s making it look easy and already smashed out 78.2 miles. Well done mate. I’ve got a feeling you’ll keep going 🏃👍.

Day 228 done 137 to go.

5.3 miles.

1355.4 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 228. Hello daylight.

  1. Awwww thanks fella… and thanks for the inspiration to do this… keep smiling and remember a load of people rooting for you …. 😀

    Claire do 7.20 for her mile tonight – I was about 6.50… would love to see what I could have done if wasn’t doing this challenge xxxx

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