Day 213. Risotto.

Before tonight’s run we had a double emergency.

First -Babs got bit by a mosquito and had a reaction. She was in pain and thought her ankle was gonna explode. So a mad rush to pharmacy to get ointment and tablets. Sorted.

Second-We had to go to B&Q to get a new cover for the shower trap. After a bit of confusion and bits being mixed up, a nice young lady sorted it for us.

Got home and sorted the shower out and Babs was just able to do her ironing. I had a shower and went for my run. Had limited time as the chef was starting tea. Thought I’d have a nose around town so that’s what I did. Just up and down the streets watching people, like a fly on the wall. People eating/dining, drinking/socializing, finishing work and still working. Can’t beat a good people watch. I finished off with a cruise along the embankment next to the river. People chilling,courting and some drinking. A lot of barge’s moored up again, people sat on them enjoying the evening with a tipple. Got home just in time to have another, shower before Babs amasing risotto was served ummmmmm.

Then I walked JB to catch the sun going down.

Day 213 done 152 to go.

3.1 miles HR 136.

1267.1 miles total.

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