Day 200. Mind the cracks.

So Babs ran with the boy this morning, so I got an extra hour in bed. Boy I needed it. Slept like a log and only woke briefly when Babs got up at 6am. Working in this heat is wearing me out, plus the running and possibly still recovering from France. They did the stage on Tuesday that we rode, only over 3 hours quicker ha ha. So we’ve been plaster boarding Charlie’s ceiling today. hardwork up and down the scaffold all day. It’s taking shape nicely now though.

Was covered in dust after work but knew if I went home first, I’d find it hard to get back out the door. So I stopped at the A1 services for a wash and a double espresso. Feeling a bit better I drive over to the Woodman and got changed. Pull my hat on and pound the ground. I needed some off road action, so head to the waterside trail. Always enjoy it along here but it’s been boggy for so long, it’s seems ages since I ran it. As you can see by the main pic, it’s very very dry now. Infact everywhere is rock hard and cracking, we need some of that wet stuff. The cracked mud reminds me of my childhood. As kids we used to bike to Kirton or Frampton marsh. Spent hours down there jumping creeks, swimming, mud sliding, mud fights and getting chased by cows. Parents was a lot more trusting in our day, we were taught to look after ourselves. Anyway back to the mud. When the tide was low on hot days, all the mud would crack in the creeks. Hence the flash backs. Man looking back we had so much fun back then, I’m so glad technology was crap when I was young. I’m also glad we made it out alive too ha ha. Back to the run. There’s less people out than I expected, I only see two other runners. I did stick to the outside trail for most of the run I suppose. I stopped to look at this, I’m sure I spot something different everytime, a tractor this time.

I cut back through the park, going the opersite way round to the old parkrun. Was enjoying it now, I’d upped the pace slightly and it felt good. I had 5 miles in my head and although I fancied more, I thought best to stick to the plan. As I am knackered. Had to add a little loop around the leisure centre to get it up to 5. Stretched out and dry off, then head home. Jackson had been fed and Babs has gone to get her hair done -must remember to compliment her- I give JB a good brushing to get some of that old hair off. Then we chill in the garden with someone playing an organ in the background. Jackson chewing is bone on the dead grass, while I write my blog. Had a midway snooze too 😁.

Day 200 done 165 to go.

5 miles HR 137.

1187.5 miles total.

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