Day 199. The Swan.

Managed to get my Sen out of bed early enough for my run. I’ve lost the love for morning runs, hope it comes back soon. We do the Swan route clockwise. The first half felt tough again, not hard just not easy. I was with the boy and he enjoyed it, so that’s enough for me. To be honest I think I’m just knackered ha ha. Was planning on doing the pub ride tonight, so I’d got everything ready last night and loaded it up this morning. Unfortunately I need to take some stuff to a job in Crowland now, so not gonna make it this week. Maybe a long walk with JB instead 👍. On the plus side I braved the scales this morning and I’ve only put 1 lbs in 3 weeks, since I last weighed in. Was expecting a lot more. I’m still 4lbs more than I would like.

Took the boy to ferry meadows later on, to the agility course there. The grass is so dead now, it’s getting really bad. I reckon we’ll have some bad fires soon if we don’t get some rain.

Day 199 done 166 to go.

5 miles HR 126.

1182.5 miles total.

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