Day 176. Scorchio.

Should of ran first thing as it was the coolest it’ll be all day. Didn’t want to over do it though and damage my hip. It was tight and sore last night, not so bad this morning but best not push it. A nice walk with JB instead for a good stretch out. Had breakfast first though as was hungry. Egg in egg cups 👍. After the walk I was hungry again, so as Jackson had his breakfast I had some Weetabix. Was a scorcher today and me and Kyron was in it all day. Mad dogs and Englishman hey? We were both exhausted by the end of the day. All I wanted was a beer and some shade, then I remembered. I haven’t ran yet, bugger. Either I run in the heat of the day or go later, when I’m settled after some nice cold beers. Then I get a message from my mum, so I call her. My younger brother is in hospital again and doesn’t sound good. She’s heading up there and gonna keep me posted. Need to run now and get it done. So I head to the river, god it’s hot, the heat is rising off the tarmac, I can feel it on my face. Feels like I’m back in Greece 😎. I hear these coming from behind and get a half decent pic of them. Well I’m happy with it considering.

There’s loads of people out enjoying the sun by the river bit I’d had enough now. I looks quite nice down here though, should come down for a chill out at some point. My minds not on the run if I’m honest, I’m waiting for that call. I head through town which is busy. Cut through the Cathedral which isn’t,then head home. Have some food a get ready to go to Boston, just in case.

Day 176 done 189 to go.

3.2 miles HR 137.

1081.3 miles total.

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