Day 177. Gloomy.

Feeling low today but trying to stay positive and focused. The gloomy weather this morning seems to perk me up slightly, maybe because it reflects my mood. News on my brother is this, the update I got last night off his girlfriend.

-Hi I’m with him at the hospital. He has pneumonia and an abscess on his lung. Currently on oxygen and a drip and they are moving him to the respiratory ward. Your mum and dad have just left so she should have signal soon. They are doing a CT scan of his chest tomorrow and a separate scan of his heart. He’s on antibiotics and just needs to rest. He’s sleeping at the moment but keeps slipping in and out of it. Does not look good-

Last I heard he was still waiting to be moved, they let someone else have his bed by accident 😡.

So all I can do now is wait and hope they can get him back, he’s a tough lad. He’s had his problems but is a great man beyond his dark side. Be strong bro X x.

Run don’t seem important today, I did take a moment by the river though.

Day 178 done – for the run- 188 to go.

5.3 miles HR 123.

1086.6 miles total.

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