Day 160. Grafham water.

So today me and Babs made a last minute decision to run Grafham water. Why not we thought. We got there just after 3pm, the carpark was busy. We realised Rutland cycling had a demo day on. A few different brands of E-bikes (electric power assisted bikes). Was tempted but was here to run. Babs went clockwise and I went anti-clockwise. It was a lot warmer now than it was earlier. We walked the boy into town to have breakfast at Beckits and it was a bit chilly.

Perfect little spot though and good scuff.

Anyway back to the run. I was aiming for a bit higher tempo today. The plan was to stay above 145bpm. Started off great, nice and warm and lovely views. Alot of flies though and I mean alot. I’m so glad I remembered my sunglasses. Had to breath through my nose as much as possible, they didn’t ruin the run. But did do my head in. Alot of parents biking with kids, great to see that. Me and Babs crossed paths at mile 5 on my watch. 10 secs before this I’d swallowed a fly and was still coughing it up. Needless to say we didn’t stop long, we go our separate ways. As I past the sailing club on the south of the water, there was a large fleet of boats out. Fantastic to see, wish I’d got my phone with me. when I reached the dam I increased my effort, pushing my HR up. It was head wind along here which keeps the flies away. 9 miles at the van, nice. A quick scoop of water and a de-fly. Then I steadily run to meet Babs, active recovery. I found her just over a mile in and we run back together. Then she swallowed a fly and coughed her guts up. We both gets back to van and try to cool down.

Not so busy now.

We head home via McDonald’s for cold drinks and the co-operative in Yaxley to get some shopping.

Day 160 done 205 to go.

9 miles HR 149

2.3 miles HR 130

982.8 miles total.

This is a refreshed total as I’d noticed my total for the year was not in line with Strava. So thinking that I’d made the mistake, I edited it to keep with Strava. These last few days it’s been missing miles out, I thought I was going mad. Research shows this being common, there’s a refresh stats button. Turns off it had robbed me of just under 20 miles. So I’m alot closer to the 1000 mile point than I though 👌.

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