Day 159. River bank loop.

Just bits and bobs to do today. A bit of pricing, dropping materials off and popped in to see my mum. So a steady day really, even got a slight lay in. On the way home we parked up at the Welland, near the Applegreen services. I kept JB on the lead untill we passed another dog walker, then he’s off. The grass has been cut, so bouncy under foot and tough going. Good training for me and because the grass is high on the sides, good to keep Jackson in line too. My legs and feet soon dial into the ground condition and we’re in the flow. Jackson was happy to start heading back from the footbridge.


The tracks back was nearly all gravel road and hard trail, so a bit easier under foot.

We passed a few other dog walkers, as we sweeped past Cowbit village. Then back the river where I stopped my watch. Thought the boy fancied a swim but he just wanted a drink. So we walk the last little bit back to the van. The boy had a good drink, then chilled while watching my take my roof rack back off.

Day 159 done 206 to go.

6.6 miles done.

956.9 miles total.

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