Day 145. The £10 Photo.

I took this pic on my way home from Castor last night. Thought I could blog it. Unfortunately I forgot my money was in the same pocket. DOH! When I got home and emptied my pockets, I realised I’d lost a tenner. Could of been worse though, could of lost the other one too. I didn’t go back out, I was soaked and cold, it was pissing it down. Plus at that point I didn’t realise where I could of dropped it.

A disturbed night sleep from the cats, I felt rough and tired. Was a bit late getting up. Got ready with the boy and headed out in the rain. I’m glad it’s raining for some reason. It sounds it makes creates a kind of calm and it seems to enhance all the smells. Wild garlic was a big one again. Anyway after crossing the grass field and around the back of the gym. We go through the 5aside trail- where the nettles are laying over the muddy path, from being heavy with the rain water. Then around the Lido and through the underpass. Crossing the Nene on the Asda bridge, we retrace the route I came home last night. On cycleway to where I took the that pic. I hold onto a slight bit of hope I might find my ten quid. No luck 👎 some lucky commuter or an immigrant-loads of tents dotted here and there, all over Peterborough-are £10 up today, fair play. We carry on further past the spot and head into Woodston ponds.

Jackson wasn’t to keen about the mesh on the boardwalks at first. After a little loop on the grass around Bob’s pond, he was happy. I felt knackered today after last night’s training ride too. I met Dean at Orton mere and we ride over to Castor. 8 of us went out to Stamford and back, practicing taking our turns. It was tough at times and the rain made it a little risky in places. By the end of it we all was getting alot smoother. Back to the feathers (pub in Castor) for a beer or 2 and a debrief. 31 miles done plus the 6 home again, so 36 in total. No wonder I can feel it this morning ha ha. On the way back on the run, still scanning the ground, I did feel better. Plus my hip has loosened a bit too, so gonna start stretching that over the next few days. Also I heard from Harry and Julie. Harry is getting some trainers and he’s borrowed a HR watch from Tony, so will soon be on it. Meanwhile Julie has started running again and only missed 1 day running since they got back. Hopefully they’ll both gain as much from it as I do. When I started this journey on the 1st of January. I did it for myself but with hope to maybe inspire a few people. Not just to run but to be more active, on whichever level suits them. I thought I’d be taking the main journey on my own. How wrong was I? It’s brilliant that by me doing this challenge has helped some of you have create new goals. Get healthier and be motivated. Believe me when I say, that you all motivate me more than I motivate you. Thanks for all your support so far.

Here’s some sayings I like.

-Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

-Listen to your body not your mind.

-Wasting time isn’t always wasted time.

-Smile and the world smiles back.

-Nothing comes easy but the harder you try, the better the results.

-Don’t focus too much on your goal. The journey is much more rewarding.

Day 145 done 220 to go.

4.7 mile’s.

876 miles total.

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