Day 144. Eastern loop.

Slept well last night, apart from the dog barking at something or someone. That was around 3am, after he had a bark and a check that the back garden was clear, he settled back down. So got up at 6am and got ready for a run. Need a steady one this morning, as did sprints yesterday and I’ve got TT training this evening. We’re doing the 9up TT around the Silverstone race track in June. We did it last year, it’s great fun and a wicked experience. This year I’ve got a 33 mile mountain race in the Lakes the following day. That’s gonna be interesting. So me and the boy head out, its fresh again but I’m prepared this time. Long sleeve top. We stay on the path/cycle lane all the way to Sainsbury’s past McDonald’s and Perkins engine’s. We crossed over the parkway here, on the bridge and follow Eastfield road. Makes a nice change to head a different way. Jackson was confused at certain points though. After passing two women chatting and taking up the path- good on them as obviously walking to go for a run- we turn down Broadway and head to Central park. Some lovely big houses down here, I dream about winning the lottery. After a lap of Central park -which is quite this morning- we carry on down Broadway. Instead of heading home I take us through the park that comes out next to Jenna’s curry house. Just been running on low HR today keeping it below 130. Feels good. Past the market I can here noise’s of people getting set up for the day. Then through the cathedral from the market side. There’s a big book statue thing I’ve not noticed before, must be new. Celebrating 900 years of the building. Would have got a pic but forgot my phone this morning. We head home taking in the trail next to the 5aside pitch. Fed the boy and Babs comes in from her run, she’d been doing sprints and seemed to of enjoyed it. I put warm up my porridge in the microwave, while I have a shower and get ready for work.

Day 144 done 221 to go.

5 miles HR 125.

871.8 miles total.

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