Day 141. Holiday Blues.

After a heavy nights sleep in the Marriott Manchester, not getting up till 9am 😴. We were both ready to get home to see the boy. We had our inclusive breakfast, which was spot on. Then checked out and got on the road. It seemed like a long way home, the roads are so busy and feels a bit hectic. Especially after the relaxed atmosphere in Greece. Anyway we get home about 2pm to be greeted by this special boy.

Chris did a great job of looking after him, he seems so happy and relaxed, thank you. Not such a great job of the hoovering though 🤔 to be discussed. After hoovering and cutting the lawn, I left Babs to carry on, while I took me bike for its service. When I left the shop, I wasn’t filled with confidence I’d be getting it back tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be surprised. After this and 4 calls I had to make about work and not being able to park outside my house. The holiday blues had kicked in ten fold. Wasn’t in a good place when I got home. The black cloud was setting in. Babs knew this and knows how to deal with me. She persuaded me to take the dog out. He never fails to make me smile aways happy to fetch the ball me.

It’s a nice evening for a walk too. Also the Willows are starting to grow back.

What a difference a week can make. Feeling a bit better but still not motivated to run, when I get home. Probably more tired than I think aswell. I get ready and Babs drops me off at the Rowing lake, as she needed to get some bits from the shop. Straight on the trails and notice my breathing is straining, must be all the pollen. I soon get in the flow though and start to relax into it. A green woodpecker flies across in front of me and I notice the birds chirping away. Then I smell the wild garlic (must learn how to crop that) it’s not as nice a smell as the lemons in Greece but still welcome. There’s loads of flies about though but I’m glad there not spiders. It’s not so bad here. Lots of others jogging and on there evening walks. More flies on the Orton trails but ignore them and go straight through them. My HR is slightly higher than normal, I’m not too worried as I’m happy with the pace I’m going.

Strangely I still keep waiting for a spider to hit me in the face though ha ha. I stay on mostly trails untill I get into Ferry meadows. I spot a fox sneaking across the path ahead of me, not sure it even noticed me. There’s a nice breeze blowing across the Gunwade lake, it’s nice and fresh.

Theres a lot more people walking/running/biking around the lakes, which is expected in a nice evening like this. Even this Grebe seems to enjoying itself.

HR is still slightly high but still low enough for me not to ease off the pace. I make my way back to the green fields behind Thorpe hall, nice and peaceful as always.

I finished the run down Thorpe road and through town. All the restaurant’s have there outside seating out for summer. The pizza house has some good music playing and looks busy. We need to go there on a nice evening like this, looks very popular and smells really nice too. I get home to have my head cleaned by Jackson. I have a glass of full fat milk, which I’ve been missing. Then a glass of red in the bath, while Babs cooks tea.

Day 141 done 224 to go.

9.1 miles ave HR 141.

856.6 miles total.

4 thoughts on “Day 141. Holiday Blues.

  1. All I can say is not my fault.
    I did try and get the portal hover detached from the power charger but it just started to come in bits and you hid the nozal for it. I was told it would be already in cupboard. I did try and tidy up on my birthday!!!!!!!! 😀
    But glad the boy cheered you up and in truth I am feeling down not being woke up by him. But think he had enjoyable and quite exciting weekend. Dad introduced him to loads of new things but he didn’t like my dad’s laughing policeman. Dad was really impressed with his bark. 😀

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