Day 140. Last day in paradise.

Final day of our hols, always a low point but not too bad, as we don’t leave till 6pm. So after breakfast we all head to the beach but there is zero wind. Me and Tony head out on the paddleboards, while Harry swims to the bouy and back. Which has got to of been at least a mile and half there and back. Julie was his support in a kayak, top effort and total respect. We met Pam out on a kayak coming to meet us. We make our way back to the beach. Me and Tony tried taking the Hobie out again. We ended up drifting more than sailing though, as the wind totally dropped. Not a problem for men of our caliber, soon sorted it out and got back in to shore. Trying to fit in as much as possible, Babs fancied going out on a kayak for her first time. So I took her out and to be fair she got to grips with it instantly. Another bow in her hat.

We all met up for lunch, our last proper feed of the holiday. The last day is always full of mixed emotions. Sad to be going home and leaving this beautiful country and fantastic food. Sad to be saying goodbye to new friends. Then there’s the fact that I can’t wait to see my boy, really missing him now. Looking forward to see his tail wagging like the clappers and jumping up me.

Also looking forward to our own bed and a hot cup of tea.

With only limited time to run today it had to go straight after dinner. So my last run in Greece for now, I did the same loop as yesterday. A lap of the town, taking in all the surroundings. The locals sat drinking at there favourite restaurants. The dogs barking as I pass them and the cats sneaking around up to no good. I’m gonna miss all the smells of the lemon trees and other fruits growing in people’s gardens. I’ll be honest I felt knackered and the food was laying heavy from dinner. It also seemed really hot today, the sweat poured off me. None of that matters though I enjoyed every bit of it. Oh yeah and I saw 2 green lizards, about 6 inches long. Which is funny as I told Tony earlier I hadn’t any yet (only a small gekko).

We get packed and wait around to leave. The others are on an earlier flight to us, so they leave first. We say our goodbyes and best wishes for the journey. Little did we realise we’d meet again in the airport. There flight was delayed and we ended up getting off before them. Have a safe journey, thanks for the great company and hope you didn’t have to wait much longer. See you all again soon 🍺.

Day 140 done 225 to go.

3.5 miles.

847.5 miles total.

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