Day 138. The Three brothers.

Not sure why it’s called the Three brothers but think there’s 3 rocks sticking out of the water somewhere. Anyway that’s what the bike route is called today and an 8am start. So after a crap nights sleep I get up at 7am and get dressed. Trying not to wake Babs till I leave. She has yoga at 8:30am, so I do wake her and say bye as I leave for breakfast. Felt quite rough (not beer related) this morning and was hoping an omelette and some toast would sort me out. I felt a bit better, so made my way to the bike shed to get a bike ready. We head off after a short briefing, straight away it’s noticeable that the level of riding is better. It’s a 40 km black ride today so makes sense. A quite and pacey start around the water’s edge, everyone is tired I think. Then after some gravel roads we start the climb. It’s a giver. A decent long grind. Just me and a lad called Tom at the top, where we weave around the dodgy dogs at some dodgy buildings. We waited for the others around the corner. Then more climbing but off road now, great fun. Just me and Tom at the top again. We waited with great views.

A little further then we head down. It’s a very rocky downhill, not for the faint hearted. Loose rocks and not very easy going but kind of fun. Then it levelled out a bit and was a much smoother downhill. Past bulls,cows,goats,pigs and more dogs.

It just kept going, great views and good company. Downhill all the way back to the water, then we raced back to the hotel.

Got back to the room and Babs is ready for her run. So had some water and a cup of tea, then got ready. Very hot today and on road, so felt even hotter. A steady up and then undulating start. I couldn’t believe how well Babs was doing. Didn’t have to wait much at all.

Unfortunately I think she may have underestimated the run and burnt out. Well I say burnt out, she was fine but didn’t fancy the steep climb to the cross. So she headed back (still clocking tough 4 miles) and I headed up.

It was all runable and went on for ever, a great challenge. I was pleased to get to the top though, very warm.

The downhill was brilliant, just kept going and the road run back was tougher than expected. Was totally knackered when I got back to the hotel.

Then the evening was a great one, maybe a bit too much beer, it got messy.

Day 138 done 227 to go.

6.5 miles.

840.6 miles total.

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