Day 139. Wedding day.

Bit of a water day today. Had a bad head this morning, hangover from hell. Even breakfast didn’t help me shake it. So thought a run might sort me out. I knew the longer I left things today the worse I’d feel. So I head up the road and follow it up and through the town. Didn’t feel great but dug in and kept going. Was warm already and the sweat is pouring out of me, bye bye beer. As I drop down to the end of town, back to the sea, I start feeling better. Headwind all the way back to the hotel, hot but definitely felt better. Quick shower and met Babs by the pool. Just about to go for a swim and Harry stops by and asked if Babs still wanted to out on a boat. I’d asked him and Tony if would they would take her out last night. She absolutely loved it, thanks guys👍.

I took the beginner windsurf kit out for a blast, now starting to get a good feel for it. Then off for dinner. After we ate the girls go to watch the wedding on the bar TV. Me and Tony go out on the Cat and Harry went on a kayak. Great fun and the wind picked up too, we got some fast runs in. Even got it out the water a few times. Then we got carried away and tipped it ha ha. Tony went straight in and was left hanging, until he said to just let go. The safety boat was striaght over and helped us flip it back. We just thought it was funny and carried on sailing, a bit colder now though. We had a good hour then came in to tell everyone about our adventure. Then the wind dropped.

Day 139 done 226 to go.

3.4 miles.

844 miles total.

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