Day 47 Silverdale Eve

Last nights turbo session was another good one, a tough mental challenge too. Made even tougher by Dean’s dodgy music. I managed to stay out the pub too, didn’t want a late night. Babs had made me a chorizo, veg and brown rice supper. 💪😎

Up and out the the door just after 6am, feeling good the morning. Thought I’d have tired legs from last night and a week of groundwork. But felt great, best I’ve felt all week. It’s a bit icy and Mr frost had been over night, but didn’t feel that cold. Just the old faithful again, although I went across the builders field, and the embankment for a change. All I can think about is tomorrow and I ask myself, how I’ll feel on race day? how I’ll sleep tonight? have I done enough prep? Did I make a mistake doing turbo last night? All I know is I’m fit, healthy and as ready as I can be at this moment. Looking forward to it. Nothing like an early season race to keep you keen and motivated.

Day 47 done 318 to go.

3.7 miles.

282.8 miles total.

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