Day 46 Mild Thursday

Had a great night last night at the Lightbox in town. The place had a nice cosy and friendly feel with great service. The food was top notch too, made by Nick Rutta (Embe2go) he has a stall on the market and does pop up restaurants all over town, definitely worth trying his food. I had the vegan dish and Babs had the jerk chicken. We also had some drink, so with the drink and a late night, I feel a bit ropey this morning 😞 nothing a run won’t sort out. So off we trot, same again. I’ll call this route the old faithful. It was noticeably milder this morning and the birds chorus was warming up. No ice this morning only puddles, so just settled into my pace and enjoyed the morning air. All hint of hangover gone already. Then out of the dark a faint light appears, I shout Jackson back but too late! The cyclist nearly came off. I had to laugh, his bike light was hardly on and Jackson has flashing light I can from a long way off. Must have been half asleep. Then through town and past the market, back up to Bishops road and home.

Time for breakfast, been having a big bowl of granola all week. Soaked in water over night, and add some almond milk and blueberries to finish it off, when I eat it. A glass whole milk and a cup of tea with a drop of honey.

Got changed and ready for work.

Day 46 done 319 to go.

3.5 miles.

279.2 miles total.

Had a nice egg salad sandwich from Jessops in Swineshead, sat in the sun.

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