Day 39 a fresh one brrr

Felt cold this morning as we set off, just after 6am. Had put my body warmer on too, for extra warmth 👍. I’m glad I did as didn’t really get too hot till about mile 2. Just the usual trot around the willows and through town, with the boy this morning. We did go through town past The Bull Hotel though and past the market for a change. Then instead of going down Wellington Street, we turned right and ran past the fuel station. I did this so I could listen to the birds waking up, in the big old trees before the mini roundabout. Spring is around the corner. I look forward to the spring mornings 😀

Off to work now to tire my Sen out, for turbo tonight. Just a matter of shoveling this.

Day 39 done 326 to go.

3.7 miles

247.2 miles total.

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