Day 38. Fantastic Mr Fox

I’d planned to run first thing again this morning, but woke up feeling really tired. My ankles felt a bit tender too, so just had a cold walk with the boy instead. People have forgotten their manners these days and it winds me up. Twice while walking the boy, I had a bike whizz past. With no lights, no excuse me and no slowing down. One of them got yelled at and if he’d hit Jackson, his bike would of been wrapped round his head 😠 rude people.

It’s Wednesday so you know what that means? Weigh in day! Another 2 lb off πŸ‘

Luckily I got home early from work, so I got out for my run while the sun was still out β˜€οΈ. My legs felt heavy and tired but put my trail shoes on, and hit the dirt. I followed the trail along the Nene, until the Nene Parkway. Then up the trail along it to the Woodman pub. Legs still felt heavy, my HR was settled around 135. Then through the woods above ferry meadows, I bumped into an old friend.

The sneaky little stump I tripped on the other week. I struggled to see it, and it’s light. No wonder I ran straight into it before in the dark πŸ™ƒ.

Over the stone bridge and back alongside the Nene. Then I remembered, I’d forgot to mention. The other day while walking the boy at this very spot. I got to see my first Kingfisher of the year, beautiful birds. There was a few others out running around the park, and plenty of others on walks, everybody seems happy. As I left the park via the longboat path, and over the rail track up to Oundle road. Gridlocked! Was happy to be running and not sat in that. I crossed through the traffic and into Longthorpe wood. This is where I see him. There was a noise in the bushes, then as I got closer he ran out and into the shallow ditch. It was a fox 🦊 full of colour and full of life. The ditch runs along the side of the singletrack I was running on. He looked over his shoulder for a quick glance then carried on. I was chasing him, it was amasing. I was buzzing. I had the biggest smile, he gained some ground on me then he stopped. It felt like ages but must of been only 2 or 3 seconds, he stared straight it me. Eye contact! πŸ˜€ We had a moment. And that moment got me home feeling good and happy.

Made myself tea and it was bloody good. Made it up, used up what I had in the fridge ummmmm.

Day 38 done 327 to go.

12 miles HR 138.

243.5 miles total.

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