Day 353. 19/31 12 days left of 365.

A wet start this morning and the usual journey in, although slightly busier as it’s a bit later. Just the 5 mile lap today and I think the boy was pleased, was a bit slow coming and getting in the van this morning. We got there and got ready and I go to press the button on the watch to search for GPS. Doh! Left my watch at home ha ha, I know exactly where it is too. Never mind a chance to test the Strava app on the new phone. I find myself not slightly fazed by the situation. Before I’d been pissed with my sen but I know the route and how far it is, deep down I kind of wish it doesn’t record at all. Break away from the Matrix.

I was right, the boy is definitely feeling it, he’s fine, just a bit steadier. The rain is intermittent, sort of constant, heavy at times then nearly stopping others.

Mental health is the main topic on my mind this morning. I picture myself as my mind – which is true really – and the rain is the crap life chucks at me. It would be the easy option to go back to van and get warm. Or not go out at all and hide from it. But it’s still out there and at some point I’ll have to face it. So if it’s raining we dress to deal with it, it’s still raining but we dress accordingly and get through it. I actually enjoy the challenge of rain, it’s good training. So what I’m saying is, if we use the same approach to the shit in life and prepare to take it on. chances are it won’t be that bad and will end up liking or learning from it anyway. So go out in that rain šŸ‘

I believe mental health is like eating, if you eat the right things and don’t be afraid of putted the time in to cook. You can only be better for it.

On a different note I’ve had a few little messages up support the last few days. The fact that it’s on your minds too and your thinking of me. That means a lot to me thank you.

When I got back to the van I had this.

I forgot Dave was doing the 8 miler today, gutted šŸ˜”.

So I had the thought of unfinished business in my mind all day. Was tempted to run at dinner but boy wanted to play hide and seek in the sun.

Of course we went running, I was unsettled and annoyed I got my days mixed up. Luckily finished work slightly earlier, so drove over to Panshanger for another lap. Got the last of the daylight and was nice to see where we were going for a change.

DH blog and miles.

8.76 miles ā€“ Dec total 133.6


5 miles + 4.2 = 9.2 – Dec total 152.12

Day 353 done 12 to go.

5 miles

2182.6 miles total.

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