Day 319. Guest runner part two.

Didn’t run this morning as meeting Emma tonight at the Woodman. It’s been a while, infact we was running in the dark back then too. So I thought I’d run there and back to some miles in.


got there slightly early so started to write this, then Emma turned up. After saying hello she mentioned about how long ago it was that we last last ran here too. We worked it back to February, blimey. We decided not to wear our head torches, I never needed one on the way in. It was cloudy and kind of misty, so this reflects the light a bit. We head into the park and after our eyes adjust, we could see just fine. We have a catch up on the week while we settled into the run. I commented on how much of this place I’ll be seeing next month. That put us on to the subject of my run and it suddenly becomes real to me. I can only hope it’s as nice a night as this one. The lakes are glistening, it’s not cold and no need for a head torch. There’s a couple of blokes fishing on the Gunwade lake, looks like they’ve set up for the night. We pass the sailing club and there’s car parked with its engine running with its lights on 😎. We pass the finish of the Parkrun. Also the point I’ll be taking my last step, of my last run of the year and the end of my challenge. Hopefully I’ll still be running at that bit. We past the cafe and decide to head back around the lakes. Over the wobbly bridge and up the hill. Some walkers nearly walk into us, or we nearly ran into them. That depends which way you look at it. We choose to stop before the end, this is because a couple are walking there dogs. Emma’s a bit nervous of dogs, so it made sense to walk the last bit. We get to the carpark and take the pic, my phone flashed unexpectedly, hence the shock on my face. I actually realise how knackered I am at this point, it’s been a long week and didn’t sleep well last night. We say bye and I head home and for the first time ever, I get to Longthorpe tower directly. Wasn’t even aiming for it.

Seems busy along Thorpe road and got busier the closer to town I got. Once I get to cathedral square I remember why. It’s Christmas lights switch on night.

Xmas songs being played already, too early. I get home and Babs is just sitting down to eat, perfect timing.

Day 319 done 46 to go.

10.6 miles.

1954 miles total.

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