Day 312. Benjamin Muir.

Today is the day I decided to book an appointment with a physio. Yeah I know, I should of done it sooner but I didn’t. Got an appointment at Preston health clinic at the David Lloyd centre. That’s at 1pm so walked the boy first thing. Then called Virgin to sort some over charging out. Then over to Oundle to look at some work to price. So got to the clinic just before 1pm. Only a short wait but when the physio’s came in, I recognised Helen (the main person) and Benjamin ( my physio). I’m not sure at this point how though. Until I get talking to Ben that is. We met before biking with the Gorilla lot, I know his uncle Dave. Helen has a lot to do with Peterborough parkrun and she’s friends with a Friend of ours. Small world hey. Anyway Ben was excellent and knew his stuff, very good and made me feel very welcome. He explained what had happened and how to treat it. He also mentioned about advertising what I’m doing and said they’d help promote me. Not sure how to do that though, any help or ideas welcome.

Benjamin Muir.

So went home and put my new watch strap on -I got on next day delivery from Amazon- not an original but good enough.

Got ready and grabbed the legend. Drove over to Orton mere and parked up. It might be in my head but my hip/back feels the best it’s been. We head to the woods behind Orton hall.

I let him off as we turned right and hit the single-track, he loved it and so do it. The ground was damp and soft, just about perfect. Along Oundle road and into Ferry meadows, on the nice trail in the trees. I definitely felt lighter on my feet today, magic hands. We dropped down to the Nene and onto my favourite single-track. Let the boy off again here, no one about. He has a cool down and a drink.

Into Altwalton and down to the lock. The light is starting to drop and the birds are getting ready for bed. I hear a Kingfisher but don’t see it again. We follow the dirty trail back to ferry meadows. It’s been well used by horse riders, so it’s a bit slippy and sticky. The heavy mud took it out of my legs a bit and was happy to get onto tarmac and over the rail track, into ferry meadows. While running past the lakes I think about my challenge. How will I do? Can I do it? Will many people come to support me? I then think of a plan 🤔. I can offer a dog running service while I run. How cool would that be? So spread the word. I will put a page together at some point and post it. We followed the Nene all the way back to Orton mere. It’s was a bit tough in places and was running in the dark. The boat life still looks so appealing to me even in the winter.

Day 312 done 53 days to go.

7.4 miles.

1910.7 miles total.

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