Day 220. Family run.

My calves were a bit tight this morning, had cramps in em in the night. Need to drink more fluids today and keep hydrated. Babs sets off with the boy while I finished hanging the washing up. She was going well, as didn’t catch her till the Toll house.

We pass Sam and her two dogs half way along here. She lives in the house on the corner of Star/Bishop’s road junction and always chats. It’s a perfect pace for me today and Babs seems comfortable. As we past under the Willows, I check my watch. HR 116-120, perfect I can use this as a recovery run. Strangely feels a little laboured at times but think that just shows I’m knackered.

Henry Penn walk is quite and the river is very still, peaceful NO tranquil, that’s a better description. It was a good idea from Babs to run together this morning,a perfect start to the day. It’s slightly cooler too. Babs can hold a conversation easily and we seem to get on. Normally a run together can be a bit stressful but could this be the new regular? I hope so.

We follow the river back and I get a pic of the loaded litter bins, so she can report it.

Back home to feed the boy, a shower and an egg and avocado sandwich for me -with tumeric and pepper- Babs had an healthier option -fresh fruit and Greek yogurt-

Weigh in day. 1lb on for me and 1lb off for Barbara.

I’ve had a great week of running- hill reps with Tris- fish and chips run, and hangover run with Dave- training run with Matt- this morning’s run with Babs and the boy and of cause the parkrun. I’ve never been such a social runner and tonight would topped it off, with Perkins half marathon training at the track. Unfortunately I ran out of time. Keep moving and be alive.👍

Day 220 done 145 to go.

4.9 miles HR 117.

1305.3 miles total.

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