Day 197. Gorilla running.

Time to start ramping my mileage up again this week, been slacking on my weekly distances the past few weeks. I’ve got some good excuses though but that’s behind me now. Time to focus and reboot. Also need to start eating better as I’ve started getting a podge.

I’m working in Oundle today, I thought it’s worth a WhatsApp message to the group. It’s been a while, we’ve all been focused on biking. Jemima and Tris are both up for meeting after work, so spot on. Looking forward having company again.

Me meet at the old Waterside pub, next to the A605 roundabout. It’s about 4’45pm when we set off. Jemima suggested the off road Cotterstock loop. We all agree and start, with Jemima setting a strong pace. Very warm today again and the air is dry. Jem finds it a bit tough going -maybe started off too fast- so me and Tris run on and do 20 press ups. It’s the first day of triathlon training for Tris, he’s got a big race in December. Be great to help and support him as much as I can, not that he needs it. I do like this loop today, it takes in both sides of the Nene and on decent trails. We have to herd the sheep in a couple of fields too ha ha. Infact on my second loop I had a sheep run.

Also had a quick stop to chat to Goody, he called about the lads walking weekend. We always do a weekend walking/drinking in Keswick. Love these, always a good crack and great company, there all family really.

So I finished my second lap and they had finished there open water swimming.

I’m not so keen but have cool down anyway.

Thanks for the company, was good fun you nutter’s.

After cooking and eating tea, I took the boy for a walk round Thorpe meadows. This is where I wrote my blog. No Ghosts so far but a little bit spooky at dusk.

Day 197 done 168 to go.

7 miles HR 141

1172.5 miles total.

P.S. It’s 4 years today to Babs brain surgery, a crazy unplanned coincidence that I wore that vest.

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